International Legal Management

LAWDEPOT INTERNATIONAL provides international legal management services to multinational organisations so that you do not have to negotiate with and manage lawyers in multiple jurisdictions.

And then we deliver their advice to you in your preferred format and with one single bill at the end of the month or the end of the matter.

Whether you are the in-house legal counsel, CEO, HR director or any other manager of cross-border resources and assets, coordinating suppliers who speak different languages, have different standards and expectations of service delivery and even different priorities can be difficult, expensive and time-consuming.

LAWDEPOT INTERNATIONAL provides a legal management service for our international clients.  We use accredited and quality checked lawyers in the jurisdiction in which you are operating, we ensure that they understand what advice you want, and how you want to receive it, we smooth out miscommunications and provide you with the local context behind the advice you are being given.

LAWDEPOT INTERNATIONAL uses mostly, but not exclusively, lawyers who are members of Eurojuris to provide services in EMEA, North America and anywhere else that you want to do business, and also support you in reporting to your parent company wherever they may be based.

All the services we provide at LAWDEPOT INTERNATIONAL can be provided through our international network, with your account being managed by a dedicated solicitor who understands how to deliver the service to you in a way that gives you peace of mind, reduces the time needed to manage your legal requirements, manages the lawyers’ fees and frees you up to deliver to your other priorities.